The Gourmet Gadgetry Retro Pizza Oven and Multi Grill

A portable piece of kit that you will use time and time again for a multitude of cooking tasks - I love it!

I was very fortunate to test this product and put it through it's paces, not only in my testing lab at home, but also at numerous trade shows where there is a very demanding peer pressure audience - so to say that this product was fully tested is an understatement!

You should know that this little beauty was voted Product of the Year at the recent Housewares Awards, judged by those who have worked in the housewares industry for many years, so if they say it is good, it must be. And here I am to explain why!

When you first look at the pizza grill with it's lid down, it looks like something you would see in a 1950's American diner, hence the Retro reference in its name. With its metallic red livery, it really does look the business so it passes all the tests on looks. However, I don't know whether your mother ever told you this, but looks aren't everything - does it work is the question and can I get it in my cupboard?!

As you will know, I am always banging on about the designers ensuring that gadgets can be easily stored in sometimes limited kitchen cupboard space. Not that this is a problem for the Pizza Oven which, in my humble opinion should be sat on your worktop permanently and used daily. But if you did want to put it away, it is slim enough to fit on its end side in a cupboard. And being so space-saving its absolutely fabulous as a portable grill, in a caravan, motor home and for your kids going away to university - at least they might cook more than beans on toast if they had one!

Speaking of which, this product is not a one trick pony. It isn't just a pizza oven or a grill to fry your bacon on. Oh no, it's much more than that, all of which will be revealed, so read on!

But first to test the non-stick Teflon surface. I like to really turn up the heat when I am doing this so using the dial at the front of the machine, I whacked it up to its full 220°C and without any oil or fat at all, began to fry 2 eggs. I say fry but it was more blast cooking, so much so that the whites were burnt and crispy around the edge and the yolk hard enough to bounce a ball on! Yet still the eggs glided around the flat griddle plate. Very impressive.

Seeing as it is billed as a Pizza Oven, naturally my second test was to make a pizza, so looking for ingredients that are sticky, generally make a mess and are a devil to remove, on to the flat side went a pepperoni, salami and cheese pizza, then closed the lid. In just 8 minutes my pizza had a lovely crispy base with a still doughy texture inside, with the topping bubbling. Cleaning was an absolute doddle as unlike many gadgets of this type, there are no nooks and crannies for the food to slip in and weld itself to. By simply using a bit of paper kitchen roll to wipe off the excess, then a quick lick round the 2 plates using a hot soapy cloth, I easily removed all the usual messy bits and finished the job.

The big, BIG plus is that this piece of equipment isn't just a pizza oven. Just open up the top plate, lift it slightly and the hinge releases. The top and base now become one level double griddle plate so you can do your bacon and sausages on the ridged side (to catch all the fats) and do your eggs and mushrooms on the flat plate, all at the same time so everything is ready to serve together. For a steak or piece of meat, cooking on the ridged side will seal your meat far better than it sitting in a flat pan in it's own fats. Not only is it a much healthier way to cook your food, it also gives it a professionally finished look as you would get in a top notch restaurant with the seared ridges on the meat itself! Impressive eh?!

With the two premium non stick plates flat, it's like having 2x 28cm fry pans at your disposal and even at its full power of 220°C, it's only running on 1800 watts capacity so a real energy saver so perfect if you want to take it with you on holiday or to college - have Gourmet Gadgetry, will travel!

The multi grill is not just for cooking your steak, beef burgers or for frying your eggs. It really is multi-use as I found out for myself,having used the flat side to make an omelette, pancakes, drop scones, potato cakes, tortillas........the list goes on. On the ridged side, I cooked all sorts of meat, fish, peppers and onions and tomatoes, Toasted sandwiches are excellent as the weight of the lid seals it tightly so none of the lovely insides can escape. And another plus point I discovered is that any leftovers can be placed on the flat griddle, the lid closed, turn the temperature dial down to low and it will be keeping warm for you until you want to come back for seconds!

The Gourmet Gadgetry Retro Pizza Oven and Multi Grill comes with its own recipe book inside and if you want more ideas on how to use it, new recipes are being added all the time on their website It would make a fabulous present for anyone and comes packed in a picture gift box.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough and we use ours all the time at home - my wife loves it because not only does it look good sat on the counter in our kitchen (a miracle in itself as nothing sits out but the kettle!) but our 18 year old son is enthralled with it and is enjoying playing with it and making his own dinner, so she is relishing that fact at present! Me? Well, I am Gadget King in our house and I think it's the bees knees. Well worth £50 of anybody's money so don't hesitate, contact Lisa at Gourmet Gadgetry for your nearest stockist..

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