Gourmet Gadgetry Ice Cream Maker

You can make scoop after scoop of delicious ice-cream, sorbets and frozen yoghurts this summer with this easy to use Ice Cream maker from the Vintage Tea Party range.
Gourmet Gadgetry Ice Cream Maker

With its pretty mint green livery, the Gourmet Gadgetry Ice Cream Maker gives you the opportunity to create fresh ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurts in the comfort of your own home! Forget the Mr Whippy van tinkling his way up and down your street, just throw the ingredients into the machine and watch them transform into a delicious homemade ice cream in around 30 minutes. And for a snip of the price of a 99 cornet!

I have come across plenty of ice cream makers in my time, some better than others, some rather expensive. The beauty of this little machine is that you can do several things in it, all delicious and all will be wolfed down in seconds. In my opinion, a gadget that has multi-uses is far better value for money in the long term and for around the £35 mark you won't be disappointed.

On receiving my Ice Cream Maker, I was keen to get some testing done so started by preparing the machine for action. The first thing I had to do before I could start to play was to place the spacious 1.2 litre bowl into the freezer for a minimum of 12 hours before use. The bowl houses a metal inner and has a double skinned wall filled with a special liquid that when placed in the freezer, will drop its temperature to below freezing point so it needs the 12 hours to do its job. Not one to waste time, I took the opportunity to test the Gourmet Gadgetry Cone and Waffle Maker (don't forget to have a read of my road testing report at as it is the perfect accessory for the ice-cream maker).

So, with the bowl frozen, I put the machine together following the very clear and straightforward instructions. Simply push the paddle into motor drive then sit this on the inner lip of the bowl and clip both parts together using the mechanism on each side of the bowl itself, making it safe and secure and away from little fingers.

Now to play time! Using a recipe from the book included with the machine, I put my ingredients for Baileys ice cream into the frozen bowl, put on the lid and flicked the on switch on the top of the machine. Off it went, surprisingly quietly and all the time, I could see how my ice cream was progressing as the top has a viewing window. With great satisfaction I watched as my lovely ingredients were turned into something even Mr Softy would be proud of in just under 30 minutes. Soft, delicious ice-cream but a tip is if you want it firmer, spoon out and put into an airtight container, then pop into your freezer for a couple of hours to harden it off.

Ice cream maker
Ice cream recipes

Having had help eating the results of my testing (and delicious it was too), I started on a sorbet. Again, following a recipe from the book, added the required ingredients to the now refrozen bowl, and within 25 minutes, the sorbet was ready to eat.

My tip is when the bowl is not in use, keep it in the freezer so if the urge to make icecream, sorbet or a frozen yoghurt comes upon you, you are ready to go and no hanging about.

Don't be afraid to experiment with flavours and concoct your own versions. I made a further sorbet and a frozen yoghurt using fruit which really was past its best and may well have ended up in the bin under normal circumstances but I saved waste - and money - by using it up in my machine.

You don't have to wait till the sun shines before you can eat these delicious desserts at your own vintage tea party! Invest of one of these impressive machines without breaking the bank and you can make your very own homemade versions anytime you like. And if you like yours in a cone or on a waffle, don't forget to read my report on the complimenting Cone and Waffle Maker. Just click on the link.

For more information and to see more matching products in the Vintage Tea Party Range, go to www.gourmetgadgetry.com

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