Great for Soups and salads alike, adding a bit of bite and texture to your dishes.
ServesPrep / Cooking TimeDifficulty
4 15 minutes 1

If you want a real garlicky taste, add the 2 cut garlic cloves into the pan with the bread cubes and then discard after use.

If you cannot eat garlic (like my Mother-in-Law), do everything as per the method but without the garlic steps.


These will keep very well in a Lock and Lock box or airtight container so use have a stash to use whenever you want.



4 slices white bread, crusts removed
1 clove of garlic, cut in half
25ml of extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper


  • Take the garlic clove and rub the cut end across both sides of each of the bread slices
  • Cube the bread into small cubes
  • Place the olive oil into a large frypan on a high heat until the oil is hot, then add all the bread cubes and either stir or toss the pan continuously until all the sides are golden brown
  • Season with salt and pepper and serve with Soups and salads.
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