Pork Gravy

The best gravies are those made from scratch using the juices and fats from the meat. It really is worth that extra bit of effort to really finish off the meal. It might only be a gravy but it pulls the whole dish together.

Collect as much of the pork juices as you can, including the residual bits of meat that may have fallen off the joint


Cider works wonderfully with pork so if you fancy a cider gravy, rather than just using stock, split the quantity equally between stock and dry cider.



Juices of the cooked pork
1 tbsp. of plain flour
A Knorr Chicken stock pot
140ml boiling water (or 50:50 water and dry cider, optional)
A small knob of butter


  • Having cooked your pork, you will hopefully have collected all the juices from the meat during cooking. It is this that will make the gravy delicious.
  • Pour these into a sauté pan and carefully skim off the fat using a tablespoon, so that only the good stuff remains. Don't be afraid to leave the residual slivers of meat as they all add to the flavour.
  • If you put an onion in with the pork when you were roasting it, put this in too. It will probably be black and charred but it will give a wonderful flavour and a rich colour to the gravy.
  • Using a measuring jug, add the stock cube to the boiling water and allow to dissolve (if you are using cider, dissolve in just 70ml of boiling water and add in 70ml of cider after to make up to 140ml)
  • Going back to the juices, turn the heat on the hob to low, sprinkle in the flour and mix well with a wooden spoon.
  • Increase the heat to medium and then gradually add the liquid with a balloon whisk until it comes to simmering point. The gravy now should have thickened and be smooth.
  • Taste and add seasoning as required, then discard the onion. Add a knob of butter as this will give the gravy a glossy sheen.
  • Pour into warmed jug or better still, a thermal sauce jug with lid and serve with your pork dinner. Enjoy!
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