Blackberry Jam

Blackberry Jam

You can pretty much use the same recipe for any soft fruit and it is very easy to make using this method
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10 1 hour 30 minutes 1

The jam shown is Blackberry Jam, absolutely delicious, full of flavour and colour but when fruit is not so plentiful, try using frozen summer fruits


Make sure you give the blackberries a good wash in lightly salted cold water - gets any little creepy crawlies that are lurking out!



1kg of fresh blackberries
50ml water
Juice of 1 fresh lemon (about 2 tsp)
850g sugar


  • Place all the fruit, including the juice, the water and the lemon juice into a maslin pan.
  • Bring to the boil, then turn down the heat to simmering point .
  • Continue to simmer for 15 minutes with the lid off, stirring occasionally with a spoon.
  • On a very low heat, add the sugar and keep stirring until the sugar has completely dissolved. Then turn up the heat so you get the jam to a gentle boil and boil for around 10 minutes but do NOT stir at this point.
  • Meanwhile, place a saucer in the freezer compartment. then when you think the jam is ready, you need to test that it has reached setting point.
  • Take the jam off the heat source and take the cold water out of the freezer.
  • Place a teaspoon of the hot jam onto the saucer, and place the saucer back into the freezer until Remove the saucer from the freezer and using your finger, push the jam forward.
  • If the jam wrinkles it has reached setting point. If it does not do this, return the jam to the heat and continue to boil for a few minutes and then repeat the test until the jam wrinkles.
  • Remove from the heat, let the jam settle for 10 minutes.
  • Pour into sterilized jars and seal whilst hot.
  • Label and store in a cool place until you are ready to eat.
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