Slow Cook by Pyrex

Practicality teamed with a stylish design, good enough to take from the oven or hob straight to the table.
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How lovely does that photo of the casserole filled with a deliciously tasty stew look to you? All the better for being cooked in cast iron, one of the most efficient cooking materials known to man and still as popular today as ever it was - a godsend if you have an Aga cooker or wood burning stove in particular.

Yes - I hear you cry - but it's so heavy! Well yes, you are right, it is heavy but it is that weight that gives it such excellent heat retention. Put a cast iron casserole on the table and you can go back for seconds and even thirds and the food will still be red hot. So if you can get over the weight issue, you stand to gain a great deal of benefits in using this range.

Taking the casserole into my testing lab, I give it a good once over. It's a well built piece of kit that will withstand the knocks and scrapes of every day use. The Slow Cook body has a smooth coloured enamel outer surface with a matching interior which means that unlike uncoated cast iron which needs constant seasoning to stop it from rusting, there is no need for any of that malarkey. Plus the enamel makes for easier cleaning and low maintenance.

To test it further, I add boiling water and cook a pan full of pasta. As the cast iron body takes the heat in very quickly and retains it, the pasta cooks quicker than in a normal pan on top of the hob and doesn't stick either, and that's using just a low heat. Energy saving efficiency is a bonus.

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Now to put it further through its pace by making a One Pot stew. It really bugs me when I use a plug in electric slow cooker that I have to sear the meat in a separate pan before I put it into the slow cooker dish itself. More washing up and totally unnecessary when using the Pyrex Slow Cook range. Just pop the pot on the hob on a low heat, add a little oil and listen for the sizzle, add the meat along with some onion, sear until browned then add all the other ingredients before placing it into the oven to slowly bubble away for a few hours. Remove from the oven using the large practical side handles and thick oven gloves (easy to grab, even with my sausage fingers!) and place directly onto the table. So simple - and just one thing to wash when the family have devoured the contents of the pot!

One other thing I discovered too...........the Slow Cook range is self-basting, which means you don't have to keep taking the casserole out of the oven to stir or baste during cooking - the textured lid cleverly does it all for you.

It also has a clever design function. As the lid has a deep rimmed circumference, it allows you to pour cold water onto the lid. When the casserole is cooking on the hob, this cold water increases the condensation in the pot, so that the dish you are cooking, is constantly juiced and stays tender.

Importantly for us all, the Slow Cook is suitable for all heat sources including induction and is heat resistant up to a mega 280°C so perfect for the extreme heat of ovens such as Agas, can be used on the hob as well as the oven, can be brought straight to the table and best of all, it carries a lifetime guarantee. What's not to like?

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