Pyrex Pronto Cookware

Stainless steel cookware really started to become very popular in the early 80's with its shiny appearance, robustness, and durability. Today with its many improvements to style and functionality, stainless steel still sells in volume and the new professional Pyrex Pronto stainless steel range which includes saucepans, fry and saute pans and stew pots, is up there with the best.
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So into my testing lab with one of the saucepans in the range, looking first of all at how the pan body itself is made. I can tell immediately by the shine (clearly stated on the packaging too) that the range is made from the finest quality 18/10 stainless steel, containing 18% chromium for corrosion resistance and 10% nickel for strength and durability.

It is a well known fact that stainless steel is a very poor conductor of heat cookware manufacturers incorporate an aluminium disc that is impact bonded on the base of the stainless steel pan body. This ensures even heat distribution throughout the pan and ensures no hot spots occur during the cooking process. However, although aluminium is perfect for cooking on most heat sources, it is not induction friendly so the Pronto base is capped with a ferrous metal which results in this pan being compatible for all hobs, including induction. It also protects the aluminium disc from wear at the same time. So by putting the 2 metals together,the Pronto range now has the best of what stainless steel and aluminium has to offer, good looks and strength and exceptional cooking results.

The handle incorporates the latest technology using a phenolic (high density resin) material with inlays of the amazing non stick properties of silicon where extra grip is required, e.g for the thumb and pad area. This is attached firmly by way of a metal ferrule (also known as a heat shield) and is spot welded to the pan body and then the handle is screwed to the ferrule. It is a Tried and Tested and very safe and effective way of securing a handle to the pan and one that will stand the test of time and use.

The lid to fit each saucepan is made from a toughened glass, edged with polished stainless steel for added strength. Each lid has a pour and drain facility, 2 sets of draining holes, positioned opposite each other on the lid rim - one set for draining foodstuffs such as rice etc and the second set for draining vegetables. All you have to do is position the set of holes by turning the lid directly in line with the lip of the pan body and pour out the liquid. This eliminates the need for a colander (less washing up too!). The phenolic "stay cool" knob, is attached to the glass by way of a screw and the lower black disc fits the contour of the lid and prevents the hand touching the hot glass during cooking.

You may say a pan is a pan but for me its all in the detail. What I particularly liked about these range is that the pan incorporates 1/2" pouring lip which when tested, worked perfectly and no drips! In addition, the interior has both imperial and metric measure embossed markings inside, saves getting a measuring jug out.

The handle is extra long too which helps in the lifting and incorporates holes so the user has the option to hang their cookware if they prefer. All great little extras plus a lengthy 10 year guarantee.

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Finally, onto the frying pan. With all the benefits of the saucepans (and a pouring lip, very unusual in a frying pan) they have a very superior non-stick interior, giving the user excellent release of food, requiring little or no oil or fat in cooking. To test its performance, I purposely burnt a fried egg into the pan and then did the same with milk and as I would expect from such a quality non-stick, they both just fell away from the pan leaving no residue and the pan was simply cleaned in the sink with some warm soapy water. Very impressive and with sensible use (don't do the burnt test at home!) the surface will remain for many years.

The Pronto range is suitable for heat sources, halogen, electric, vitro ceramic, gas, and induction. They are also dishwasher safe. The range contains no PFOA, lead or cadmium. In my opinion this range is quite superb, professionally put together with all the latest feature and benefits and certainly value for money.

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