Pyrex Rides Again - with Pyrex Flame Casseroles

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Into my testing lab again with more Pyrex, this time their Flame range of cookware. I will explain why later but I can tell you now, its a cracking range and lives up to everything that the Pyrex name stands for. So read on!

My testing of a product is very rigorous - I really do put the item through its paces as there is no way that I would put my stamp of approval on it unless I felt it was deserved.

The Flame range is made from Vitro ceramic, a tough form of glassware that is intended to take very high and very low temperatures - it's that good, it is used on the space shuttles so if its good enough for them there astronauts, it should be good enough for us mere mortals! Anyway, on with shock test number 1 - but DO NOT try this at home - controlled testing labs only please!

I heated a 16cm round dish on a solid hot plate until I could feel the intense heat from a foot away. Carefully taking the hot dish off the heat using very thick oven gloves, I immediately plunged the dish into a bowl of cold water. As you can imagine, the steam that came off it was intense and after 10 seconds the dish had cooled down so I took it out of the now warm water and there wasn't a crack or blemish on it.

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So now to test from the other extreme. Removing a dish which had frozen solidly in the freezer, I placed it on a gas hob on a low heat and slowly but surely, the food started to defrost and then heat through with no detriment to the dish itself. I also took a dish directly from the freezer and put it straight into the hottest oven and even with such extreme differences in heat, the dish remained perfectly in tact. I have also tried the Flame dish on my portable Calor gas stove, on the barbecue, on a solid hot plate, on a ceramic hob and in my halogen oven. Perfect results each time. Brilliant.

It says on the packaging that the flame product range is shock resistant to -40C to +800C. I can certainly give a huge big tick for that statement so on with shock test number 2.

Cleaning is a doddle as the vitro ceramic surface gives quick release of foods, even those that are burnt on. This material also renders it stain resistant and the dish will not retain odours or flavours. So another big tick for the Flame range.

One final test I did do, just for devilment to see how difficult I could make the cleaning, was to cook a stew in the casserole dish on a gas flame, slowly simmering, which I then ate (delicious too, thanks for asking), then left the dish in my testing lab for 2 days so that the food had really dried on. Immersing it into some hot soapy water, I left it for 45 minutes to soak and the debris just floated off, leaving a dish as good as new. Of course, you can put the Flame dishes into a dishwasher (domestic or industrial, it will withstand both, testing the latter when I was working in a catering kitchen) and the results are perfect every time.

As well as being the tough boy of the Pyrex stable, carrying a 25 year guarantee, it is so handsome it can be used straight from the oven to the table which is a boon in a small kitchen and where storage is an issue - a set of these casseroles can be used for cooking and serving and stacked away when not in use.

A big thumbs up from me and full marks for an outstanding product.

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