Pyrex Attraction Range Induction Cookware

The Attraction range is available in both aluminium and stainless steel, each of course with their own features and benefits but the thing that is exactly the same on both is the ingenious magnetic detachable handle which transform a regular saucepan to a serving dish in a trice, giving you the flexibility to buy only what you need.
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The first time I saw this range was at a trade exhibition and was eager to to test it, not least because the Pyrex patented handle intrigued me and I wanted to find out for myself just how stable it was when the pan was filled with food and was being transferred from the hob to the table.

Furthermore, I felt the Attraction range was quite ingenious in that with just the side handles, its a pan, a casserole dish and a serving dish, straight from hob to table.
* No long handles attached, just the side handles only means they are easy to stack in your cupboard, a prime consideration if space is an issue in your kitchen
* A detachable handle that fits all of its pans, giving you the choice to use it on whichever pan you want to use at that time and more importantly, IF you want

What a refreshingly flexible way of selecting and buying your cookware.

The first thing that I did when I received my testing samples from Pyrex was to put the stay cool Bakelite handles to the test. I quickly realised that I certainly had no need to have any concerns over the stability or safety aspects. So simple to use, I just had to locate the two magnetic prongs into the attached side handle, gently push the handle in and then could clearly feel the pull as the magnetic force took over, locating the handle into place.

There are other detachable handled cookware ranges on the market but these then to favour clipping the handle to the rim of the pan, which wears away the exterior finish, where the Pyrex version attaches itself to the side handle itself, so no contact with anything other than the magnets themselves. Clever, very clever indeed and all compliant with the strict European standards (12893).

To test the claims that it can carry a weight of up to 10kg I placed a heavy cast iron casserole dish inside an Attraction pan, lifted and carried as if from hob to table and I have to say it felt very secure indeed. Removing the handle couldn't be easier as there is a lever on the top, pull back with the thumb and this releases it with effortless ease allowing you to remove the long handle and replace with a small side handle, turning a pan into a serving dish in just a flick of the wrist. As Pyrex say on their packaging "No sooner cooked than served".

All pans come with 2 small helper handles already attached. A single detachable long pan handle comes with the sets of 3 or more pans and fits all and additional handles can be purchased if required. This is a great idea as it means that the pans can be stacked one inside each other, with no cumbersome handles getting in the way and as a result, taking much less space in your kitchen cupboard.

All pans have a small fixed helper handle sited opposite the main removable handle with a further small handle to replace the long one for serving to the table.

So having put the handles through their paces, let's take a look at the pans themselves. The Attraction range is available in both aluminium and stainless steel, each having their own benefits (see my Tried and Tested for Pyrex Gusto and Pyrex Pronto).

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  • Each pan has a reinforced 3 layer high quality non stick interior, all withstanding my rigorous burnt milk and egg testing
  • Each pan comes with 2 side helper handles with an option to buy additional long detachable handles to suit your requirements
  • Use straight from the hob to the table, saving on washing up!
  • Completely stackable
  • Both ranges are suitable for all heat sources including Induction
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Can be purchased in sets or individually, both pans, lids and handles
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I have to say that one my favourite piece of all is the wok, as the performance is tremendous and I would certainly use it for more than knocking up the occasional stir fry. Being deep sided, you could easily double up and use it to make your Bolognese sauce or a curry without any problem.

Having the same features and benefits as the saucepans, the wok gives you the opportunity of either cooking on the hob top with just the two side handles but then quickly attach the magnetic handle for tossing the food and then detaching the handle again back on the heat. The food moved elegantly around the pan body and it was a joy to use. Being lightweight even when the wok was filled with food, it was well balanced and light enough to toss the food safely.

The Attraction range offers great quality and durability and total flexibility to buy only what you NEED according to your everyday cooking requirements. 5*****

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