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Pyrex AsimetriA Metal Bakeware range

I think everyone of a certain age group has heard of Pyrex as they have been around for some 100 years and are world renowned for producing consistently high quality toughened glass jugs and bowls. I think it is safe to say that when you think of a glass measuring jug, the chances are that you immediately think of Pyrex. However, they now do many other kitchenware products, including the Asimetria bake-ware collection.

I have tried many ranges of non-stick bakeware in my years - some are still in use in my kitchen but many have been consigned to Room 101 (the recycling bin!) for not coming up to scratch.

Both you and I as consumers want the same thing - a durable set of bake-ware, with a bit of weight to it, a good non-stick that won't peel off when you put it in the dishwasher and is reasonably good looking. The Asimetria range does all this and much much more.

When I first received this bakeware for testing, I was immediately struck by a unique additional extended handle, which is slightly turned up to make it easier to hold and carry to and from the oven. Very clever - and it gives the range a very modern look too.

Constructed from carbon steel to give even heat distribution (vital if you are a cake baker), each piece is light and when you hold it, it feels like its going to last for many years, not flimsy at all and professionally designed with rolled edges to give added strength and durability.

Made with the excellent Teflon non stick interior, there is easy release of foods. The non stick contains no PFOA, lead or cadmium and can go into any type of oven up to 230°C.

Note the manufacturers guarantee - a whopping 10 years, so expect quality as well as longevity as these guarantees are not given without Pyrex being very confident that their products will last the course of time and beyond.

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So now the testing begins! I started by making home made scones using the baking sheet and lightly buttered the base with a tiny bit of melted butter, and a pastry brush. You could line with baking parchment and then lightly butter the parchment paper, but the non stick is so good you can do away with the fiddling around with that. The scones came out evenly cooked and never even made it to a storage box, as they were gobbled up in no time by my teenage son and his mates who just happened to be at home when they came out of the oven. Never even got one myself.................

The deep 6 hole muffin made perfect muffins and you can use paper cases for presentation, or again lightly butter the inside and pour in the the dough mix for perfect baking results and easy release of the cakes. Make sure that you leave the cakes in the tins for around 10 minutes after taking them out of the oven.

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Sticky test number 2 - a nice gooey flap jack, requiring even browning top and bottom and the non-stick to really stand up to the test. Again, no problem, popping out of baking tray with ease and with no residue left behind. Always use plastic, silicon or wood utensils on your non-stick surfaces as metal will damage the surface.

Needless to say even with sticky flap jack washing was a breeze. I didn't need to use the dishwasher as hot soapy water and a cloth did the cleaning in a jiffy.

You get a great selection within the range. A variety of different cake tins including springform, flan dishes and baking trays and roasters, so there is something for every job in the kitchen and will withstand daily use for many years.

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The square oven dish has the clever lifter handle together with two side helper handles. A rigorous test for metal bakeware is a toad in the hole as there is plenty to stick if the non-stick isn't up to scratch. However, I needn't have worried as the batter rose beautifully and the whole thing lifted out of the tin, sausages and all. I only had to wipe it round with a damp cloth as the bottom of this square pan has a ridged bottom which helps to avoid food sticking due the to little air pockets that are formed. This together with the superb non-stick surface, ensures perfect food release every time.

My verdict on this range? The simple fact that it has made it to my Tried and Tested pages means that I love the Asimetria range. It does everything it should do with a few little extras and would grace any kitchen and I for one will be using this time and time again. Once more, Pyrex comes up trumps!

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