Introducing the LOCKABOX -a cleverly designed product with unique features.

Everyone should have at least one. Read on to find out WHY!
New Image TitleIn the fridge, shared or otherwise!

I first came across this unique new product on the last day of a major trade show in Birmingham 2016, when this fresh faced young chap came over to the stand where I was demonstrating to show me his invention, the Lockabox.

His enthusiasm exuded from every pore and reminded me alot of my younger self, full of bright ideas and raring to go, so Peter Morris got my attention straightaway! He started to explain that he was the inventor and that the idea had been borne out of the frustration of his housemates helping themselves to his hard earned food!
Here is what Peter himself says about the situation..........

"Lockable storage is the ideal solution for anyone who has to share a fridge. One of our locking food boxes will deter even the most tenacious people who like to "borrow' your snacks. Imagine how much pleasure you'll have when you have your personal things sat in the fridge for all to see, secure in the knowledge that no one, apart from you, can get into the lockable container. Unless someone tortures you for your combination code lock the contents of your fridge locker are unreachable; (insert evil, satisfied laugh here)!"

For me, I took one look at the box and immediately thought what a cracking idea. In fact, the more you think about it, the more you start to realise that there are things in your home that you perhaps SHOULD have locked away. Once you have read this review, sit back and consider your own circumstances and I bet you will be on the internet buying one quick sticks!

So what are the main features?

The Lockabox is constructed from a high quality durable food grade polycarbonate. It is portable, lightweight and shatterproof and I tested this fact by handling it rather roughly in my lab, tapping, banging, clonking - and it resisted all my attempts to put a crack in it! This isn't to say that it is indestructible but with the abuse I put it through, it put up a blooming good fight I can tell you!

The locking device is strong and secure with a changeable code, sited for ease on the door. I should point out that a Lockabox is intended to act more as a deterrent only in a domestic or social environment and they say quite clearly that it is not a highly secure repository for products - perfect for your food or everyday products but NOT for your family jewels!

Each individual box (a spacious 295mm x 210mm x 170mm) is airflow ventilated, stackable, has a removable centre shelf (use with or without), is freezer-safe and is easy to clean. 6-8 boxes with a combined huge 10.5L capacity will fit into a standard fridge.

To give you a further idea of the capacity, I can tell you that it has been tested in a very practical way. My 18 year old son, spotting me trying to get as much as I possibly could cram into the box, asked what I was doing and could he try something. He promptly tipped out all my food and slotted in 8 large cans of beer and there was still space to spare. He then promptly pressed the buttons on the combination lock to put a code in, put it in our fridge and smugly walked away saying "you can't nick my beer now Dad can you? Ha". Cheek of it - and the code is still unknown to me or his mother...........

Being made in the UK is a big plus for me, I am all for British is Best! Very well designed, the modern and contemporary clear surfaces make it not only pleasing to the eye but a doddle to keep clean. Even the packaging is well thought out as there are no instruction leaflets inside the box because how to build the Lockabox is actually ON the box itself. Simply follow the clear steps and it goes from flat packed to assembled in just a few minutes. It is one of the best packaging boxes I have ever seen and is environmentally friendly too, being recyclable.

New Image TitleStack 'em high
Uses? The list is endless.

Let's stick with using it in the fridge or a kitchen cupboard for a moment. If you have anyone in your family who suffers from an allergic reaction to certain foods, keep them safely in the Lockabox to avoid them eating these foods by mistake.

By making use of the centre shelf, you are able to separate raw meats from dairy products, thus avoiding cross contamination.

If you take your meals to work and you use a communal fridge, a Lockabox ensures that your lunch is no longer in danger of being eaten by someone else! Neither is there is no risk of cross contamination from foodstuffs others may have brought in, which may have been the case if you all just put it directly onto the fridge shelf. Each box has been cleverly designed with a liquid retaining lip to ensure that any spills are contained. And with 6 colours available, you could all have your own easy to recognise Lockabox! Genius.

You don't have to just use them in the fridge, why not elsewhere in the home? There are many other ways the Lockabox can be used.

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  1. Where there are small children around, the Lockabox could be used as a secure medicine box. Ideal for keeping sharp knives away from little fingers in the kitchen too.
  2. Regulate how many sweeties the children have by placing them in the Lockabox (but don't give them the code!)
  3. On a diet and there is too much temptation? Give the job of keying in the locking code to someone else in the house so you don't know what the code is and as a result you should lose those pounds a lot quicker (might try that myself!)
  4. For any person in shared accommodation, the Lockabox is perfect for keeping important things safe and together such as toiletries or cosmetics in a shared bathroom situation.
  5. Being lightweight and portable, have Lockabox, will travel!
  6. AND FINALLY, do as Peter suggests and if your kids are house sharing and are finding the Food Filchers are up to no good, invest in a Lockbox for them! Money well spent!

I have to give this product full marks for its unique design, innovation, and overall concept. A plastic box that is functional, stylish and modern, is simple to use with a simple 3 digit combination lock on its front door that keeps food safe and hygienically in a fridge (and a deterent for the food pinchers!) and keeps non-food contents clean, dry and protected. It is so clever.

So my overall score is 10 out of 10 for the Lockabox I love it and I think you will too so.

For more information, go to for more information regarding the product and stockists.

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