Gusto and Gusto+ Cookware Ranges by Pyrex

Another great range of cookware from the Pyrex giants. If you are looking for quality and value for money, along with the iconic toughened glass, then look no further. Two ranges are available, with the Gusto+ being induction capable.
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Made from lightweight aluminium with an enamelled exterior, the Gusto and the induction capable Gusto+ ranges combine excellent heat distribution with rugged good looks.. Aluminium is well known as the best metal for even heat distribution so as the pan body is made 100% from this marvellous material, it ensures the heat is distributed evenly throughout the whole pan avoiding "hotspots" during cooking. However, always remember to keep the flame low and let the pan do the cooking! Flames and heat lapping around the sides of the pan rather than just under it serves only to waste heat energy and make your handles very very hot!

On the Gusto range, the non stick interior is coated with the excellent Whitford's Xylan Plus, giving it a 2 layer non-stick stone effect coating, whilst the Gusto+ range has a 3 layer PTFE Dupont Select coating, both effortlessly non-stick. The performance was very good during my testing when carrying out my usual burnt egg and milk test, both easily coming away from the pan with the aid of a silicon spatula. You can put it into the dishwasher if it is easier for you but as there is no effort required to remove anything from the pan surfaces, a wash and brush up in warm soapy water in the sink will see your cookware as good as new.

Both ranges include a good range of saucepans of varying sizes, fry and saute pans, as well as stew pots, so something for every job.

Pyrex are known the world over for manufacturing toughened glass bakeware and cookware, so it's fitting that the Gusto range incorporates a Pyrex made and branded domed lid. Note the knob on the lid is made from a hardy phenolic material which stays cook during cooking. I love the fact that even with my chunky hands, the 30mm deep knobs are large enough to keep my fingers away from the hot glass. I would, however, always recommend that a heat proof oven mitt should be used when lifting lids and carrying pans just off the hob for safety reasons and just in case the heat has transferred to these areas.

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Moving onto the all-important handles, I always take particular note of how the handle is attached - nothing worse than a wobbly handle, certainly from a safety point of view. No such problems here as the "Y" shaped handle is firmly attached to the pan with a spot welded metal ferrule and self-tapping screw. I love the way it is curved, looks great, gives the whole pan good weight distribution and the soft-touch bakelite material makes it very comfortable to hold.

The Gusto range is suitable on Gas, Electric, Vitro Ceramic and Halogen hobs and Gusto+ is also suitable for induction heat sources. Best of all, both ranges are dishwasher safe.

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In my opinion, the basic Gusto range offer great performance and being lightweight are a good choice for those with dexterity or lifting problems. Being relatively inexpensive, this range is perfect for general cooking in your kitchen or in holiday homes, caravans or for students trotting off to university or college and needing their first set of cookware.

The Gusto+ range is a weightier aluminium construction which gives more advanced heat distribution and is designed for the more serious cook. And of course, this one is suitable for induction hob use. Both come with the Pyrex 10 year guarantee. Take your pick.

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