Bring a Touch of the Mediterranean to your Kitchen!

My first experience of using Collectively Artisan ceramics was at a trade fair when the range had just been launched and I was asked to demonstrate it. I was immediately struck not only by the range of colours but also with the versatility, quality and finish of each piece. No mass production here!
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Specially commissioned craftsmen create these ceramics from the highest grade terracotta and fire it not once, but twice to ensure that the colour and strength is the best it can be, so you have something rather special to grace your table, inside or outdoors.

The signature colour range is named "Carnival" - Cinnabar lime, Indian Yellow, Vermilion Orange and Bright Red - the sort of colours which will remind you of your travels to the Carribean, India or the Mediterranean. Recently introduced are Metallic Black, Turquoise and Whiter than White. So whatever the colour of your décor, these will fit in perfectly.


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Being a kitchenware addict, I am always on the look-out for new products so when the founder of Collectively Artisan, Hugh Brasher, approached me to ask if I would put his products through their paces, I jumped at the chance. So into my "testing lab" (the garage kitchen!) I went and I cooked a variety of dishes vigorously in the conventional oven, halogen oven and microwave. A whole leg of lamb, tomato and beef casserole, Dauphinoise potatoes and a traditional rhubarb and apple crumble. Perfect results each time.

They are so beautiful to look at, you will have no hesitation in taking them direct to the table and when you have polished off the contents, simply pop the dish into the dishwasher.

So 10/10 for this lovely range and I would highly recommend that you do use them on a daily basis. Keep them out on display and you will grab them time after time for both cooking and serving, and in between times they will add a splash of colour to your kitchen! Collectively Artisan cleverly combines practicality with style and sophistication.

For more information and for a list of stockists throughout the country, visit the Collectively Artisan web site.

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