Charles Viancin Silicone Lids and Accessories

I am a lover of silicone kitchenware as it not only looks great in all its colourful glory, but is practical and versatile. I first came across the Charles Viancin range at a Housewares show recently and have been smitten with it ever since. Luckily the MD asked me to go and try it out for myself and a new love affair began!
New Image TitleThe Wonders of the Charles Viancin Silicone Lids
The Lily Pad LidThe Lily Pad Lid

There are many items in the range but my favourites are the Lily Pad cover and the Over Boil ring, both so very clever in their design. By using silicone, both items have the advantage of being naturally non-stick, easy to clean and flexible, ovenproof (up to 220°C), microwave, fridge and dishwasher-safe.

Let's take the bowl covers first. Forget cling-film or tin foil to cover your dishes and pots - all you need is one of these - and the great thing is that you can reuse it over and over again.

Made from high food graded silicone, the lid seals tight on any bowl, pan or dish as long as it has a smooth rim, so this means that it can be used for food storage in the fridge or reheating in the microwave. When placed on the rim, the Lily Pad creates an airtight, watertight seal - you can even lift the dish off the worktop (carefully!) using the knob on top of the lid and it holds on tight!

Now whether I am at home or demonstrating at work, my selection of Lily Pads in various sizes goes with me and always creates a stir, with customers keen to find out what this pretty bit of "plastic" is doing - they are amazed when I show them how it works and they always end up buying a few!

During the summer, my lids were used constantly especially when I was barbequing, keeping food covered away from the bugs etc. But once Summer al fresco eating is at an end, how about using a lid to steam your puddings? Don't bother with the faff of muslin cloths and string, just pop on a Lily Pad lid of the exact size over your pudding basin and your pudding will cook exactly the same. You can even lift it out of the pan (again, carefully) with the basin attached! To try out this great idea, I made a steamed treacle sponge using a Lily Pad lid and it made life so much easier. What a clever idea!

The Over Boil RingThe Over Boil Ring
Now onto my other firm favourite and one that solves a messy hob top - the Over Boil ring.

How often have you been boiling potatoes or pasta and put the lid on, even at a slant, and the whole thing boils over when your back is turned? All of us have experienced this at some time or another and it's so annoying! Bring on the Over Boil Ring!

You simply place this into your pan (fits most standard 16/18/20cm saucepans/pots) and amazingly this stops any liquids spilling over. As it has a hole in the middle, you can stir, blend and add ingredients. Every home should have one!

When you have finished, simply pop it in the dishwasher. Simple but ingenious.

There are many other great silicone products in the Charles Viancin range. For more details and where to buy, go to their website at

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