The ANYWAY® Magic Spray- every home needs not one but several!

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As you will be aware by now, one of the hats I wear is as a product tester. I have to say that it usually involves a piece of kitchenware so you may now be wondering why on earth I have been testing a bottle spray mechanism. However, you must remember that I am a sucker for clever gadgetry so when the inventor of Anyway Magic Spray ventured onto my stand at a recent trade fair, I really couldn't resist.

Michael Pritchard MBE is a very clever man - he is the inventor of the LIFESAVER® bottle, the world's first water ultra-filtration bottle, now used the world over and has no doubt saved countless lives. He braved Dragons Den with his ANYWAY® Spray, got the backing of both Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones and as you know, they only ever back winners!

The story of its' invention was very simple and one that you, me and possibly every person in the street can relate to - a spray bottle that stops spraying the second you try to use it in any direction other than straight forward, such a under the loo rim or cleaning those awkward areas in the oven. It is so frustrating and to add insult to injury, when you get to the level where there is only an inch or two left in the bottom of the bottle, the tube inside just won't play ball and you end up throwing it all out in total frustration. This is both wasteful and definitely not environmentally friendly.

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Mr Pritchard felt exactly the same but unlike us who just moan about it and move on to yet another new bottle, he decided to solve the problem. It turned out that the usual tubes in these bottles have just one small hole in the end so the minute it loses contact with the liquid, it will not work. Enter the ANYWAY® technology, a multi-directional tube with not just one but millions of microscopic holes all over, which means that as long as any part of the tube is in contact, whether you turn the bottle upside down or otherwise, you can spray until every last little drop has been used. So simple but so effective - and money-saving.

Think of all the spray bottles you use around the home, garage and garden, every one using a basic one hole tube - and every one will end up getting thrown out before it's empty. What a waste. I use disinfectant and cleaning sprays both at work and at home and I wonder just how much money I have chucked in the bin for this very reason.

For the purpose of testing, I went into our cleaning cupboard, the garden shed and garage and collected a massive 21 bottles, all lurking in the back of beyond, all with a dribble of liquid in the bottom of them. Kitchen and bathroom trigger sprays, weed killers, fly sprays, air fresheners......the list goes on. I bet if you just checked under the sink alone, you would find a fair number of redundant sprays!

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Having now my got my rather wide selection of bottles together, before setting to with my testing, I had a quick look at the instructions on the back of the Anyway packaging to see how to replace the existing dip tube. Amazingly, I found that it fits 95% of all household cleaners, most of which were now sat on my kitchen worktop! The instructions explain in words and pictures which size of connector tube you need to select to fit the major brands.

First of all taking a Febreze spray bottle and following the instructions, I removed the existing single hole dip spray, selected the large connector which the chart told me I should use and carefully attached this to the magic tube. I then inserted this into the trigger mechanism,pumped it a couple of times and job done, then continued working through my never-ending row of bottles to test using all sizes of tubes.

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The claim that the Anyway magic tube fits 95% proved to be spot on, as out of all that lot, some of it rather ancient, I found only one bottle where the tube wouldn't fit. To be honest, it was an unbranded spray and had probably been in the back of the shed since Moses was a lad but not to be deterred, I thought I would test out the claim that the Anyway will fit all kinds of pump action mechanisms. If it's not on the compatibility list, you can customise the fitting using one of the connectors so following the instructions, did just that - and it worked perfectly. Another bottle saved from the dust bin for a while longer.

Speaking of dustbins, when you have used every last drop from the particular bottle using the Anyway spray tube, remove said tube and fit it on the next bottle - they are totally re-useable time and time again - and they come with a 12 month guarantee - that's confidence for you.

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Now to test the angles, so resembling our local windmill, my arms were spun in all directions to test the spray mechanism, lots of up and unders and I can tell you it never failed once and I purposely used it on bottle with just an inch of liquid left in the bottom.

My wife has commandeered at least one of each size for her cosmetics, lotions and potions and has already been delighted with the fact that these often expensive items are lasting so much longer as she is getting every last little drop out of every bottle. The spray tube certainly increases the lifetime of a product, that's for sure. More money for shoes she says.......mmm. I'm not entirely sure that Michael had that in mind when he was developing the idea somehow.............

You can order the Anyway Spray Magic Tube direct from their website at a tiny cost of less than £4 for 2 tubes and connectors but my recommendation would be to go for the 6 pack of assorted sizes at just under £10 as you will soon find a multitude of uses for them. Remember they are reuseable time and time again so you will definitely get your moneys worth.

Just click this link to watch the Anyway Spray Video where Michael personally demonstrates how to fit the tube and explains how the technology works. Just click on the link on his home page.

As you can tell, I am smitten with this clever invention but if you want to know more of the science-bit, just check out the FAQ's on the website which makes very interesting reading. That aside, the fact is that it really does WORK and for me, that is all that matters. I say 10 out of 10 for bringing us a simple but totally effective product to our kitchens, garages and garden sheds. Just off to order another batch...............

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