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My idea for writing this book came from years of being asked numerous questions by customers when I have been demonstrating in stores. How does this work, what is the difference between this product and that product, and most importantly, do I really need it or is it going to be consigned to the back of a cupboard, merely collection dust? Finally I got around to writing about it!

Throughout the book, I have tried to give honest and unbiased advice, along with hard facts across all manner of kitchenware, from saucepans to a simple spatula. It's not just about what I personally think is best, but what you, the customer, need to know before you part with your cash. I can see little point in buying an expensive gadget when a simple knife will do or you may already have something similar in your kitchen drawers and cupboards!

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Initially, the book was printed as a hard back edition in 2012, available on Amazon at £14.99 but with technology moving on rapidly, I felt that going down the App route would mean it would reach a wider audience - and best of all, it wouldn't cost them a penny. It also gave me the opportunity to update and add new information - things change in the housewares industry very quickly. I could add a video and moving pictures and make the "book" more interactive. And of course, once you have downloaded the App to either your iPhone or iPad, every time I do an update, it automatically notifies you, so you are always have up-to-date information at your fingertips, even when you are stood in a cookshop and need to check the pros and cons of a particular item you are considering buying.

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So now when you open the app, with the help of the clear indexes, you will be able to dip in and out as required - use it as a handbook to all things Kitchen! It is the first of its' kind in the iTunes App store, never has an "reference book" had moving pictures as this one has - and this is only the start as more will be added as time goes by - and of course, everything will be Tried and Tested by yours truly!

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I hope you enjoy the App and find the information useful. More chapters will be added to cover the likes of juicers, food processors, soup makers, multi-cookers, all new products that have hit the High Street and where you, the customer, may need some guidance.

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My thanks go to Mark Boddy and his team at Creative Media Solutions whose expertise in this field made this all possible. www.creativemediasolutions.co.uk

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